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Our ecommerce consulting agency specialized in achieving excellence with our development process, for applying business needs to the perfect user experience. By simplifying all the complex processes for our end users to achieve the business growth our partner clients are seeking.

eCommerce consulting agency

eCommerce website development solutions

Ecommerce consulting services provided by our software agency In egypt and USA. Typically include a range of solutions and tools to support online businesses in selling products or services over the internet. Here are some common ecommerce services offered by our software company:

Ecommerce Platform

We develop and provide robust ecommerce platforms that enable businesses to create, customize, and manage their online stores.

These platforms often include features such as product catalog management, shopping cart functionality, payment gateways, order processing, inventory management, and customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities.

Website Development

QTS one of the top ecommerce consultants in Egypt and USA.
Offers custom software development services specifically tailored for ecommerce businesses.

They create visually appealing and user-friendly websites that are optimized for online selling, incorporating responsive design, intuitive navigation, and secure checkout processes.

Mobile Commerce

With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, our developers team develop mobile commerce applications or responsive designs to ensure seamless shopping experiences for customers on mobile devices.

These solutions may include mobile-optimized websites, native mobile app development, or progressive web apps (PWAs).

Payment Gateways

We integrate popular payment gateways into ecommerce platforms, allowing businesses to securely process online payments.

These integrations support various payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and online banking.

Orders and Shipping

We provide analytics tools to help ecommerce businesses track and analyze their sales performance, customer behavior, conversion rates, and other key metrics.

These insights enable businesses to make data-driven decisions to optimize their online stores.

Analytics and Reporting

We provide analytics tools to help ecommerce businesses track through market research and analyze their sales performance, customer behavior, conversion rates, and other key metrics.

These insights enable businesses to make data-driven decisions to optimize their online stores.

What is the difference between CRM and ERP?

ERPs (enterprise resource planning system)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), is a management system consisting of technologies that companies use to manage and integrate their core business operations.

The commercial, industrial, and service fields are using ERP to manage daily business activities, such as procurement, risk management, compliance, project management, managing inventory, or handling complex accounting functions.

ERP solutions are flexible and scalable as they allow businesses to get quickly needed information for vendors, clients, and business partners, so it improves customer & employee satisfaction and increases accuracy rates.

Finally, ERP systems help any business implement resource planning by integrating all of the processes needed to run your company with one system.

CRM (Customer relationship management)

Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the largest and fastest-growing enterprise software applications, a combination of business strategies, software, and processes to manage all company’s relationships and interactions.

A CRM system gives everyone in the company or organization a better way to manage the external interactions and relationships that drive success. This means avoiding wasting time on "sales, customer service, business development, recruiting, marketing, or any other line of business". With CRM software, companies can easily collect a multitude of spreadsheets, databases, and apps in a single location, viewable through an optimized dashboard.

QTS leading software development companies in both Egypt & USA. We provide custom CRM services to allow businesses of all sizes to increase conversion rates, boost loyalty, and drive profits.

What are the business values of
ERP, and CRM systems development?

simplifying all the complex processes for end users to achieve the business growth you are seeking for.

Saved Money and Time

These systems help your business utilize time more efficiently. Not only reducing wasted time, but also decreasing the amount of budget spent, and the logistical effort involved.

Improved Collaboration

Improved collaboration between departments & team members, to provide your company with one source to work. This reduces any human errors brought by working with incorrect data.

Better Analytics

Systems record and store all the business data inputs by various users, so it makes for an excellent business intelligence tool in all different fields.

Enhanced Productivity

Our advanced web development software solutions help you increase the business’s efficiency in all operations, which reflects on overall productivity and enhances it.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

The most common queries about the ecommerce consulting companies & systems.

QTS leading ecommerce consulting firms, we provide expert advice and guidance to businesses looking. To establish, optimize, or expand their online presence and sales through e-commerce channels.

professional who provides expert advice and guidance to businesses looking to establish, optimize, or expand their online presence and sales through e-commerce channels.

Our role is to leverage the knowledge and experience of e-commerce strategies, technologies, and best practices to help businesses achieve their goals and maximize their online success.

  • Requirement Gathering: This initial phase involves understanding your business goals, target audience, product offerings, and specific requirements for your ecommerce solution. 
  • Platform Selection: Based on your requirements and budget, the next step is to select a suitable ecommerce platform. 
  • Design and Development: This includes designing the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of your ecommerce store. 
  • Content and Data Migration: This step involves transferring and organizing data from your previous system into the new platform.
  • Testing and QA: Prior to launching the ecommerce store, thorough testing is conducted to identify and fix any issues or bugs. 
  • Launch: Once the solution has passed testing and quality assurance, it is deployed to a live environment. 
  • Support and Maintenance: To ensure optimal performance and address any issues that arise. 

In a company, various departments and roles utilize an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Here are some key users of ERP:

  • Financial Management.
  • Finance and Accounting.
  • Human Resources.
  • Sales and Customer Service.
  • Manufacturing and Production.
  • IT and System Administrators.

A CRM system is used by various stakeholders within an organization to manage and nurture customer relationships. Here are some key users of CRM systems:

  • Sales Teams.
  • Marketing Teams.
  • Customer Service and Support Teams.
  • Management and Executives.
  • IT Administrators.
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