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Social Media Marketing plans can bring remarkable results to your business and turn customers into brand advocates. We have a lot of experience in all Social Media Marketing Services, and many different industries for national and international markets. So we are -The ones- to keep your business on top of the audience's mind.

Social Media Agency

Why QTS social media agency
Is important for your business?

Your business competition is increasing on social media daily, so you need to start earlier to see your business grow faster..

Find the right customers

It is critical to use social media marketing to discover the right audience, and it's the key to ensuring your online presence.

Drive brand trust & loyalty

SMM is the most effective way to increase engagement, and authority and build direct relationships with customers.

Increase your ROI

Being a business on social media networks gives you a chance to showcase your products or services & create potential leads.

Our social media marketing strategy

This stage's goal is to spread widely, reaching most potential customers and introducing the brand, products, or services to them properly.

Also, in this stage, we use all means of inbound marketing, outbound marketing, and Growth hacking through all different platforms.

KPIs: In order to measure our success in the Awareness stage, this will depend on how many potential customers your marketing message has reached from these metrics: Reach, Impressions, website traffic… etc.

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In this stage, potential customers will be interested to learn more about your brand, services, or products, by registering their data in email lists, leaving phone numbers, requesting a demo or a price quote, or requesting to know more by any other means... And we call them "Leads".

The sales team here should strive to convert interested customers to real customers, who have made a purchase. and this will be through certain channels such as sending emails, retargeting with advertisements ..... etc.

KPIs: we can measure our success in the consideration stage by knowing how many emails have been opened by customers, how long they stay on the site, how many of them re-visit again, clicks on the retargeting ads, and so on.

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The goal of the conversion stage is to transfer the customers from the first and second stages to the third stage, which is the purchase!

For example, a large number of customers may put the product in the basket, yet they leave the basket without completing the purchase. 

Our main role here is to make sure that clients are converting and buying.

KPIs: Measuring the Conversions stage is through Conversion Rates, Orders, Number of Items, and Revenue.

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Here, We do not just want the customer to buy once... we need the customer to have permanent loyalty to the brand. So we prefer your audience to be all the time connected to the brand, interacting with it, and waiting for every new thing to be presented.

Communication with customers in this stage will be through emails, creating loyalty programs, providing competitive offers & advantages, mailing newsletters, and others.

KPIs: As for measuring the Loyalty stage outcome, this will be through CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value), repurchasing, and interacting with the brand through any of the marketing channels.

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Arriving at this stage means that we have reached customers, and not only do they buy from you more than once, but also, we have reached that they are talking about your brand, services, or products to other potential customers. We gain this through their complete satisfaction with the brand, good experiences, and quality of services or products.. a thing we call "delight your client".

KPIs: Measuring the stage of advocacy results, will be through the number of times the brand is mentioned by customers on social media, reviews they leave, and more...

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3 Steps
to build an effective social media marketing plan


Situation analysis for your business

We analyze your business through Market insights, Industry feedback, Competitor Analysis, Brand Assessment, and Business Information.


Choosing objectives to achieve goals

We define the real goals that you may miss! Through brand, product, or service awareness, and sales.


Create the perfect Business strategy

Via choosing the best channel, Language, Tone of voice, Posting frequency & time for each channel, and forecasting all steps we take.

How Queen Tech Solution helps your brand authority, integrity, and constancy?

In our digital marketing agency We’ve created this list of social media marketing services, these services will help your brand authority, integrity, and constancy to increase and affect your business online presence positively.

  • Unique Pieces of content for all platforms.
  • Creative graphic designs, GIFs, and videos.
  • Social media management and optimization.
  • Brand situation analysis.
  • In-depth competitors analysis.
  • Daily moderation & social media monitoring.
  • Monthly reports, supporting, and recap.
  • Dedicated social media account manager for each project.
Social Media Agency

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We are a professional team to recommend you the best channels for your business exposure, that gets you all the potential audience, who need and like your brand.

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Queen Tech Solutions is a digital marketing agency provides Social Media Marketing Services, to give your business the chance to tell it’s story to everyone, everywhere in the world and inspire them through your brand success.