Organic Marketing, is it a replacement for paid advertisement?

Sponsored Ads are not just right for you! Well, There is always another way to go. It’s “Organic Marketing”.

First, Lets understand the whole process.

What is Organic Marketing?

The organic marketing means to generate traffic and increase brand awareness. Even maybe sales to your business naturally over time!

It may be a long-term process but it equals not using paid advertising or sponsored Ads or posts.


Gain Organic traffic to your site
Gain Organic traffic to your site

While paid marketing can be a great way to quickly generate a lot of traffic, this traffic is short term, it’s cost prohibitive, and you need to continually reinvest.


Why it is important for your business?

The main goal of organic marketing is to build a real connection with your audience by establishing and positioning your brand image to them. Using different types and techniques of strategy, planning, content and visual appearance. 

And as a business, you’ll need several ways to attract the audience to you and convert them into Leads.

You can attract visitors to your Website, or raise the engagement rate with social media followers, make people more connected to your brand.

And hopefully convert all these into paid customers eventually.

The goal is to keep your business top of mind. when it comes the time for a consumer to make purchasing decisions.


Difference between Organic & paid Marketing
Difference between Organic & paid Marketing

Moreover, organic marketing does impact your paid marketing efforts as well. As if someone organically comes across your website, you can retarget them later with paid ads (In social media, search engines, and more….).


Now, it’s important to note that “organic marketing” doesn’t mean that no money is spent!

You’re still going to invest in your marketing strategy, The software development towards your “Site or Mobile App”,  and the Production part for “Content, Designs, Videos creation and whatever your strategy is based on”.

It only means that you’re not paying to boost these efforts by Advertisement campaigns on different platforms.

Usually, paid links or posts will have an indicator next to them  “Sponsored”. So all the clients who see it, know it’s a paid ad. 

While organic marketing links and posts are left as it is.

You likely remember seeing paid and organic posts on social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Or in websites and mobile apps.

And sure you can tell the difference between both. So can every user!


You can tell when the post is sponsored
You can tell when the post is sponsored


Examples of Organic Marketing:

content is the core of an organic marketing. Content is considered the main reason people use the web.

With more than 90% of the searches are towards the contents.

And by creating the right types of content, that can help your business to generate the right  traffic.

Content marketing is based on creating high-quality, engaging and informative, and pieces of content to attract customers to your “Social channel, site, or  online store”.

It’s the right way to gain healthy and effective traffic as it starts with building and positioning your brand and business then the sales should just come by.


Content isn’t just king. Content is the whole kingdom.


Lee Oden


So here are a few examples of how you can use content in Organic Marketing:

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

– Unpaid social media posts on all platforms

  •  Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest 
  • TikTok
  • Telegram 
  • ETC…

– Blog posts (Same as this post you are reading, it is just another organic marketing Sample)

– Guest posts

– YouTube videos

– User-generated content

– Email Newsletters / Blasts

And more….


Examples for unpaid marketing posts
Examples for unpaid marketing posts


Organic Marketing is a long-Term Process:

Be aware that you will not see the results from organic marketing right away after you post, as you used to do in paid campaigns. 

Organic marketing needs Strategic planning, time, effort, and dedication to start seeing the results. 


QTS Organic Marketing Clients:


El Sakya for Agricultural Development

Diamond for Marble and Granite


QTS Clients
QTS Clients that follows Organic Marketing strategies


The main aim of any organic marketing strategy is to create a real connection with your customers. Through different techniques and types of content.

These traffic and results are the REAL DEAL! As you will be sure 100% how this decision is made and how the client is influenced only by your branding. 

These are the results that businesses can rely on, not just paying extra budgets. 


Why choose QTS for your Organic Strategy?

It’s very rare to find an Agency who is totally tolerant with not having “Boosting/Ads” Budget to work with. 

As all companies depend on Paid campaigns only to achieve the results. And this is not a False way, but you may prefer to try another reliable way!

Ultimately, the goal of organic marketing is to drive More traffic to your Channels. And introduce the audience to your brand in a natural way. 

That lets them search and reach you when they need your services or products. While you are not paying money to enter their personal space or interrupt their free time.


Queen Tech Solutions uses so many techniques and strategies for Organic Marketing. To gain the same results, you can get with paid terms.


QTS Techniques and strategies
QTS Techniques for organic marketing


If you are still worried about the results….

We assure you it’s a long term, but you can always be updated with the effectiveness of organic marketing strategy and Measure these efforts. The same way you measure your paid traffic or effectiveness of Sponsored campaigns. 

Await of the following blog for the organic Marketing series, we are going to reveal “OUR NUMBERS”

With real screenshots of our campaigns’ traffic, engagement and sales rates!


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