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Captain Omda is the first automotive mobile app...

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Captain Omda is the first automotive mobile application in the Madinty area. offering a distinct and unparalleled user experience with its unique interface and vibrant color scheme.

This innovative application brings a fresh and engaging approach to automotive services, setting it apart from traditional platforms.

We delivered:

1- Custom Mobile application development.
2- Flutter development Mobile Application for both iOS, Android.

1- Unique users impression.
2- Enjoyable for user experience.
3- Presence in Google Play with the App Store.
4- Test strict quality assurance (QA) before launching Mobile application or Live.

Mobile App Development:
Mobile application development is the newest branch to your brand in everyone’s hands, because it’s a process of creating software applications and procedures that show on mobile devices other hand-held devices.

Captain Omda
Captain Omda

Launch Captain Omda to reality

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