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Nile Wagon brings a unique offering to Italy with its specialized fast food and drinks truck. This mobile unit is dedicated to serving a wide variety of delectable and refreshing options with speed and efficiency.

Nile Wagon ensures a diverse selection of food and beverage choices that cater. to different tastes, making it a convenient and satisfying option for on-the-go dining.

We delivered:

1- A website with great user experience design.
2- Responsive website for mobile and tablets.
3- SEO Friendly.


1- Analytics Tracking.
2- Performance & Security Plugins.
3- Live Chat.
4- Sitemap.
5- Easy navigation.
6- Creative ways to display authoritative website content.

Website Development

The process for software development goes through multiple stages in a stepwise fashion. It is termed as the “Software Development Lifecycle.” to meet the business requirements.

Launch Nile Wagon to reality

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in Egypt ,USA and The Middle East established in 2006.

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