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FD 1995 for home decoration with unique and sty...

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FD 1995 for home decoration with unique and stylish furniture.

Specialized in indoor modern furniture and stylish modern residential furniture.

We delivered:

1- Website with great user experience design.
2- Responsive website for mobile and tablets
3- Search Engine Optimization Friendly


1- High-quality Template and Themes (CMS).
2- Brand Assets: Logo, Fav Icon, Color Scheme.
3- Graphics & Images.
4- Data Reports & Analytics Tracking.
5- Performance & Security Plugins.
6- Live Chat. 
And more benefits..


Website Development
 Our high-quality standards and using carefully selected technologies, this particular phase is the longest in the entire protocol.


Launch FD 1995 to reality

Queen Tech Solutions is a software company and digital marketing agency
in Egypt ,USA and The Middle East established in 2006.

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