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Apex is Egypt's top medical wear company, speci...

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Apex is Egypt's top medical wear company, specializing in the manufacturing and sale of high-quality medical garments. Established in 2001,

The company has grown its presence to encompass 15 stores across the country. With a commitment to excellence, Apex continues to expand and thrive in the industry.

We delivered:

1- Ecommerce website with great UI/UX design.
2- Responsive website for mobile and tablets.
3- Search Engine Optimization "SEO" friendly.


1- Secure HTTPS using SSL Certificates.
2- High-quality Template and Themes (CMS).
3- Brand Assets: Logo, Fav Icon, Color Scheme.

Website Development
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Launch Apex to reality

Queen Tech Solutions is a software company and digital marketing agency
in Egypt, USA and The Middle East established in 2006.

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