Software development is a highly collaborative process that requires communication and collaboration between multiple stakeholders.

The project manager must be the central point of communication, gathering requirements from the clients, relaying them to the developers and testing the software before release.

The following sections will help you learn more about how you can manage your project more effectively so you can deliver quality for your own software project.


Project management for software development
Project management for software development


What is the software development process?

If you are serious about software development, then you will know that the process is key.

You can have a great idea and build a fantastic product, but unless you plan it correctly and follow the correct process, then your chances of creating a successful product are slim.

That’s why you need to learn more about “what is the development process of any software?”.

The software development process -Also known as the software development life cycle, or SDLC-, is a fundamental concept in the field of software engineering.

It is also the basis for comparison of different approaches to systems and software development.


The concept of the software development life cycle was first introduced in 1970 by Naur and Randell, though they used the term “software engineering process”.

The following diagram explains the process in a nutshell….


The Software development Cycle
The Software development Cycle


So at the beginning of any software development project. You might have in mind, you need to be aware of all the steps and phases of the life cycle.

And that to be able to separate the milestones and tasks that follow this guide to be applicable in the project planning and execution. And the main steps for this process are the following:

  • Planning 
  • Analysis
  • Design 
  • Implementation 
  • Testing and integration 
  • Maintenance

This process just keeps going over and over again.

So in the next sections, we will discuss where the pitfalls on each section of this flow are, and how you can ensure that your next website development project or perhaps your next mobile app development project goes through with ease.


What is project management for software development?

Project management for software development is a complicated task, especially when the project is structured, complex or full of details.

The project team can keep track of the project’s components, prevent possible issues and solve them if it occurs, reduce costs and achieve the project goals through Project management.

As it is an activity performed by a group of people (company business units, external companies or individuals) to organize and control all activities that are necessary to complete a particular project.

The main goal of any project manager is to ensure that the software development process runs as smoothly as possible.


project management goal for software development
project management goal for software development


So in short, project management for software development is a key success factor for any project to be done.

The project management process itself has many deliverables which help you as a new product owner to the market get familiar with all the ins/outs of your next project.


Some of these deliverables are …

  • Project scope (The full documentation of your project idea from the business perspective)
  • The project scope (The full list of your project features)
  • The project resources (Estimate and allocate all the project resources such as the developer working on the project or hardware or perhaps subscriptions for a long run for your project)

So this led us to ask How can I have a successful software development project?

The questions are going to be answered in the next couple of lines.


Manage your Software project for success


Manage your project to success
Manage your project to success


Project management is the process of managing a project from start to finish.

The larger or more complex a project is, the more important it is to have a good project manager in charge.

The person leading the project needs to be able to organize and coordinate all of its elements effectively.

And with a good project manager handling all of your requirements and project through the development phases. You as the new product owner need to have many of the aspects within the project.

Such as good communication levels, you need to have along with the team working on your project and how you can have both mindsets to deliver your ideas within the context of business and technology.

As long as you are going with your technical team in every step of your project delivery…


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Core elements of success for your software development project

In this section, you will learn more about what it really takes to get the best results for your next web development project or any kind of software development project…


Benefits of Project management
Benefits of Project management


Start small, start simple!

Some of the product owners keep projects as simple and effective as they can be. While others are wildly writing their project scope which really makes their journey much harder finding a software house or a software development company in Egypt to deliver their ambitious idea.

By not following along the way with what is needed from the technical perspective, to deliver their mobile app or website.

The golden advice whenever you deal with software companies or even a mobile app developer is to keep things simple and deliver your idea in iterations to the technical team and business as well.


Be realistic with time estimations…

Some product owners need their project to get done as soon as they finish reading this sentence 🙂

Well, I wish that I could bring my magic wand with me today! However, a realistic estimate is a core element of any project success.

And as you can see from the software development process above this section, You really need to go through many stages and phases with your project’s features till you reach the point where you can say you have done it.

In other words, everything takes time from planning your ideas, execution to determining the real technical requirements.

And how to write it down along the way to testing your product with the final customer.


Time is the core element for software projects management
Time is the core element for software projects management

Select the resources for your project 

Along my career, I have dealt with many entrepreneurs and project owners that really require their mobile app development project to get done within minutes! With tons of features and a minimum amount for budgets and resources allocations.

This may get them broken hard after a while from chasing their ideas and finding no luck for having their project settled in the real world out there.

The final tip we have got for you, in running your next custom ERP system development or any other Software project… Is to always run your cost/benefit analysis chasing the right software company with your huge backlog full of features.

You need to take a moment to set a realistic time frame with a fair amount for the project budget you need to move things forward. 


If you need a quick response from QTS on how much it is going to take (cost/time) for your next brilliant idea, Please contact us right now.

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Samples of QTS Software projects
Samples of QTS Software projects



Some Stakeholders may be new products owners with excellent ideas for the market. Which can get in the form of a new mobile app or perhaps it’s a new website full of features that need someone to develop it for you.

And here comes the tricky part of selecting the best software house or a Software development country in Egypt, who has the required technical stack like backend or front-end or even a full stack web developers.

Whenever you find your best candidates you are on your way to celebrate. But Wait!!!


Running your project requires success factors to be placed within your planning and preparation, finding the best software developing companies. Won’t help if your project planning is in a bad shape, miss alignment requirements or bad project scope is the success killer along with many other factors that we covered in this document.


So the bottom line is… Get your project in a good shape, set your estimated time and budget in a realistic form and select a good experienced project manager. Within the team of our technicals will get you to the finish line performing well along the way.


And as always whenever you feel stuck.

Contact us, we would love to help at any time.